Wholesale Account Request














Welcome Stores and Venders.

My Pewter is available at wholesale pricing
for those wishing to purchase and resell
in their physical stores or shops.
This is for resale use only!

NOTE: This is NOT OFFERED to those with only an online presence.
Do Not Resell on Amazon or Etsy. Your account will be closed!

To request a Wholesale account Click on the link below.

There is a delay for approval.
The system has a safety measure and waits for me to check mail and approve your account.
I usually check mail every few hours. 

If you are in a hurry and don't want to lose the momentum:

  • please go ahead and place an order,
  • and enter your store info when checking out.
  • When finished or on check out notes drop me a message who you are.
  • I'll adjust your invoice to Wholesale on my end before charging and filling the order.


Link to Wholesale Request Form


If you have misplaced your login please click on the contact button to the left
and send me a message. I can reset it for you.

(Or see the note above. Order and I'll adjust it to wholesale and we'll reset it later.)



Thank You, Mark