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Sasquatch People #02-SasquatchPeople

Sasquatch People

Item #: 02-SasquatchPeople




are various races of large human like figures
seen on rare occasions in the forests throughout
the world. They are not primitive animals,
nor are they a missing link. They are many races
which vary in size, look, and color.
It is said they have great understanding and knowledge
higher than humans. They are immensely strong and well
adapted to all environments on earth, are known for their
keen eyesight, and are psychic and feel us coming.   

-They lovingly call us ... Little Brother.


P.S. If you would like a very lengthy and more complete write up
of what I have found on Sasquatch, I give that as an option when checking out.
But bewarned, it is more than most are ready for.
Serious Believers will like it.
The regular write up is for most people.

[size: 1-5/8" high]

* Each piece is strung on adjustabe length Black Cotton Cord,
  and includes a card with the message above written on it.

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